When it comes to beachwear, thick fabrics and covered designs usually come to mind, but Nefes Istanbul is changing this perception with its pareos in the 2024 winter collection. Pareos, featuring lightweight and breathable fabrics, will now symbolize elegance not only at the beach but also in the city.

1. Elegant Flowers of the Beach: Nefes Istanbul's pareos are adorned with floral patterns, a beach essential. With their thin and light fabrics, they are ideal for comfortable use at the beach. These pareos, which will add style to your bikini or swimsuit, will elevate your beach days.

2. Ready for the Night in the City: You can use pareos not only at the beach but also in the city. Thanks to their delicate fabrics, these pareos will give you an elegant look on city nights. You can attend evening events by draping them over a chic dress or complete your daily outfits with a pareo.

3. Dancing with Colors: The vibrant colors in Nefes Istanbul's pareo collection are a great way to add energy to winter days. Vivid yellows, bright oranges, and shades of deep blue will energize you even on gray winter days.

4. Breathable Fabrics: The breathable fabrics of pareos will provide you with a comfortable experience while sunbathing at the beach or strolling around the city. Lightweight and thin textures will offer you comfort and style at every moment.


Nefes Istanbul's pareos, with their delicate fabrics and breathable materials, will symbolize elegance not only at the beach but also in the city. If you want to add color to your beach days and experience warm elegance in winter, discover Nefes Istanbul's pareos and update your wardrobe with this elegant touch.