Summer months signify not only sun and sea but also elegance and comfort. Nefes Istanbul combines elegance and coolness in the hot days of summer with its kaftans in this year's summer collection. These kaftans offer a new dimension of elegance at home, in the office, and at the beach.

1. Fine Fabrics, Refreshing Style: Nefes Istanbul's summer kaftans stand out with their fine and breathable fabrics. Lightweight fabrics that embrace the body provide a refreshing sensation while offering an elegant chic at the same time. These kaftans provide a perfect way to keep your style prominent even in the heat of summer.

2. Comfort at Home, No Limit to Elegance: Summer months are ideal times to relax at home and enjoy peaceful moments. Nefes Istanbul kaftans make these moments even more special. Adorned with elegant patterns and summer colors, these kaftans not only ensure comfort at home but also allow you to enjoy being stylish.

3. Cool Style in the Office: Summer months can bring the challenge of maintaining your style in the office, but Nefes Istanbul kaftans eliminate this problem. With their fine fabrics and elegant designs, these kaftans are the best way to create a cool and stylish atmosphere in the office. You can carry your elegance with these kaftans not only in the workplace but also in the city during lunch breaks.

4. Queens of the Beach: Kaftans in Nefes Istanbul's summer collection are poised to be the queens of the beach. These kaftans, which can be comfortably worn at the beach with their lightweight and breathable fabrics, complete your beach elegance when worn over a bikini or swimsuit. Make a difference on your beach days with vibrant color options and stylish patterns.

5. Color Dream: The energy of summer is experienced with Nefes Istanbul kaftans in colorful and vibrant tones. Yellows, oranges, and shades of blue reflecting the warm rays of the sun will energize your summer wardrobe.


Nefes Istanbul's kaftans in the summer collection offer the ideal way to spend the summer months with elegance and comfort, thanks to their fine fabrics, cool designs, and color options. Discover these kaftans that will add elegance and coolness to every moment, whether at home, in the office, or at the beach, and enjoy summer with Nefes Istanbul.