On hot summer days, we tend to fill our wardrobes, but it's time to break that rule with Nefes Istanbul's lightweight and breathable kimonos. The 2024 summer collection is filled with thin-textured kimonos designed for women who don't want to compromise on elegance. With its delicate details and graceful designs, Nefes Istanbul offers the formula for dressing lightly and comfortably in the summer and spring months.

1. Delicate Details, Significant Impact: The delicacy in Nefes Istanbul's kimonos lies in the details of their designs. Elegant lacework, graceful embroideries, and carefully selected color palettes emphasize the power of thin textures in these kimonos.

2. Breathable Fabrics: Amidst hot weather, you'll experience a sense of comfort thanks to the breathable fabrics in Nefes Istanbul's kimonos. Lightweight and breathable fabrics will keep you cool throughout the day while offering comfortable freedom of movement.

3. Elegance in the City and at the Beach: These kimonos are not only ideal for the beach but also perfect for completing your elegance in the city. Wearing them over a light dress in the city will give you a light and graceful elegance, while wearing them over a bikini at the beach will showcase your style.

4. Palette of Colors: The color palette in Nefes Istanbul's kimonos is ideal for adding energy to summer. Vibrant reds, warm oranges, and deep greens will enliven your spirit even on cold days.


The lightweight and elegant kimonos in Nefes Istanbul's summer collection emphasize the power of thin textures. With delicate details, breathable fabrics, and a palette of colors, these kimonos offer the formula for staying light and stylish in the summer. If you're looking for a light and graceful summer elegance, discover Nefes Istanbul's kimonos and update your style with this unique touch.